Here I am!!!

Just thought it would be good to make myself known to those of you who are interested!!!

My name is Charis and I was born on 10 March 2004, weighing 2.65kg - that's 5lb, 13oz in old money.
Mum doing well, Dad (davidould) very proud.

And, just so we can clear something up, I was very much alive for the past 9 months....
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latest news

Wow, another week gone. I'm now 26 years old and, this place says that I'm 1 2/3 lb although at the last check up the doctor said that I'm probably bigger than that, in the 97th percentile, in fact.

Not to worry, size is actually a minor issue when it comes to childbirth. The really important thing is that, in the last month, my head engages properly in my mum's pelvis. Since my skull is currently made out of seperate bits that will only fuse after I'm born it can change shape slightly to adjust to my mother.

I start to become a lot more responsive to external stimulii now. I pick up a bit when I hear strong music and I kick quite a lot if my parents talk to me, especially last thing at night when I like to wake up.

There's also been a bit of fuss over me recently. I can assure all those reading that, although I have a proxy to type for me, I'm very much alive.
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25 weeks old

Wow, this has been an interesting week. It's certainly getting a bit cramped in here, and so I kick a bit more just to get some more space for myself. According to this I'm 12.5 inches long (over 30 cm) and respond to a wide variety of stimuli. I certainly kick a lot when my dad, davidould, sings to me.

Despite what some say, I'm very much alive. I have a full set of prefectly developed organs - they just need to grow a bit more.

And I'm still cute.

Plus I have a new friend. My dad's friends Mike and Jo had a baby girl on Sunday morning! Little Eleanor Rose.
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24 weeks!

Right, I'm 24 weeks old. Here's all the facts about me courtesy of this great place. I'm a bit big, now - almost 1kg and it's getting a bit cramped in here. For a while it was like one of the spaceship things, I was floating around and it was great. But now I've grown and so it's a squeeze. Never mind - if I want some space I just push and kick.

In fact, if I push and kick hard enough mum and dad come and say hello. Bonus.

Technically, if I were born now I'd have a good chance of survival what with modern medical techniques. In fact my Dad, davidould, was chatting to someone this morning who had a baby who was my age when they suddenly decided it was time to pop out. And the kid's still going strong.

Which makes it unbelievably hard for me to understand why people like this or this are offering mother's the chance to kill tykes like me because we're inconvenient to them.

I don't blame the mothers, mind. They're usually in a bit of an emotional state or they've been duped into thinking that I'm going to "get in the way". I blame the clinics and the doctors and some of those feminist activists who encourage this sort of thing and then don't want to pick up the pieces afterwards when women get all sorts of psychological conditions as a result.

And that's why this woman is my personal heroine at the moment. She had a defect but her parents carried her to term. The child that was aborted was even older than me.

Perhaps I've gone overboard a bit. But I think I have a point. As an unborn child I'm against abortion.
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My latest snapshot

Here I am, all of 24 weeks gestation.

Good looking, eh? I've been working out, you can see my left fist in mid-grasp. I want to be able to break Dad's (davidould) fingers when I get out.

You want to know if I'm a boy or a girl? Go here.
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introducing myself

Hi! This is me! I'm about 22 weeks old and in another 18 weeks I'm going to find out what all that noise outside is all about.

My day is pretty boring. I wake up in the evening, just when my mum is going to bed or watching telly. It's usually time for some exercise so I do some kicking to keep the joints flexible and just to let her know I'm still here.

If I kick enough then she'll let my dad, davidould , know and he'll come and talk to me.

For some strange reason they want to go to sleep when it gets dark but I'm wide awake.

According to this I'm about 11 inches long (28cm in proper measurement)and almost a pound in weight.
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