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Ould, first name not set - YET

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25 weeks old [Dec. 24th, 2003|03:46 pm]
Ould, first name not set - YET
[mood |alive]

Wow, this has been an interesting week. It's certainly getting a bit cramped in here, and so I kick a bit more just to get some more space for myself. According to this I'm 12.5 inches long (over 30 cm) and respond to a wide variety of stimuli. I certainly kick a lot when my dad, davidould, sings to me.

Despite what some say, I'm very much alive. I have a full set of prefectly developed organs - they just need to grow a bit more.

And I'm still cute.

Plus I have a new friend. My dad's friends Mike and Jo had a baby girl on Sunday morning! Little Eleanor Rose.